Steak Dinners have always been at the South Egremont Fire House. On Route 23.
With the church being sold to a private family residence we need to have everyone park across the road in the Kenver LTD parking lot.
Take out and handicap parking will be dealt with as needed and we will have spots available for you.
All other parking will be across the road in the Kenver LTD parking lot.
Thanks to our new neighbors for working with us and as always thank you to Kenver for all of your help.

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— at Egremont Fire Department.


On 7/09/21 at approximately 2:50pm the Egremont Fire Department/Southern Berkshire Ambulance/ Egremont Police Department where dispatched to the Appalachian Trail approximately 2 miles south of the Jug End Reservation for an injured hiker. It took almost 5 hours and four fire departments to complete the extrication of the injured party, who was transported to Fairview Hospital. Multiple low angle rope systems had to be set up on the very treacherous, steep, rough terrain along the trail. Then around 7pm the sky’s opened up with torrential down pours and thunderstorms, making it even more difficult for the responders. With the injured patient all ready in extreme pain in the upper femur/hip area, the patient started to become hypothermic. Medic AJ Anderson and his partner did a fantastic job with patient care all while making sure the first responders where ok as well. Units cleared the scene just after 8pm. The work didn’t stop there as all departments had significant amount of equipment/ rope rescue gear that had to be cleaned, inspected, and dried before it could be put back in service. This took several hours to do and even the next day to finish up. All this while answering several calls in between. There where approximately 35-40 first responders on scene, most of them being volunteers. This was a total team effort from all agencies involved. Everyone involved had a task and performed it at a very professional level which made the operation run very well. Agencies involved Egremont Fire, Egremont police, Egremont support team, DCR, Great Barrington Fire Tech Rescue Team, Sheffield Fire(Atv guys), Copake Fire, NY. Tech Rescue Team, Southern Berkshire Ambulance, and last but not least the Berkshire Control dispatch center.